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Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs
Hold & Fire Orders
Tablet P.O.S. Capabilities
Split Items & Checks
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Real-Time Updating
Inventory Management

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

With EZ Dine, managing Gift Cards is as simplistic as the concept. Gift Cards can be sold directly through the POS or in the Administrator back-end and paid for with any payment type. Gift Cards can be used to pay for a complete purchase, partially pay for a purchase with another payment method, or used completely with the balance being paid with an alternative payment method. All as simple as swiping a credit or debit card.

Loyalty Cards get matched with customers information in your database and then activated in the system. Create your own rewards that will be triggered by frequent visits or by a predefined monetary amount. Customer's information and payment history is then stored in the software and will trigger automatically or by the patron's request.

Yes, keeping track of gift cards and loyalty programs can be a nightmare. But they're a nightmare that boosts your business, and that's why we've built a system that makes it easy to issue, redeem, and track them.

With EZ Dine, it's simple for a customer to redeem a gift card completely, partially, or in conjunction with another payment method. And if you have multiple locations, they'll all know the current status of every gift/loyalty card at all times.

Making the complicated simple. That's EZ Dine's job.

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Hold & Fire Orders

More commonly used in fine dining establishments, but applicable everywhere, sometimes there's a need to Hold an order from being sent to the kitchen. An order can be taken, and certain items can be Fired to the kitchen, while Holding other items to be Fired later.

For instance, a complete order including appetizers and entrees is taken. But only the appetizers should be Fired, and the entrees Held until later.

Improve your customer satisfaction with EZ Dine.

EZ Dine understands how important - and challenging - the proper timing of customer orders can be. Diners, after all, don't want their entree to arrive in tandem with their appetizer. That's why the capability to hold some orders and fire others directly to the kitchen is vital to any well-run restaurant. EZ Dine makes it simple for servers to control which orders need to reach the kitchen right away, and which should be held for later.

Tablet P.O.S. Capabilities

Using the latest and "coolest" technologies can help your image, but also help the way your business operates. Whether your goal is to showcase your business cutting edge attitude toward new technologies and trends, or just to operate quicker, EZ Dine is there with you every step.

Employing cutting-edge technologies makes your business look good - but it can also revolutionize your operation. That's why EZ Dine is Handheld Tablet Point of Sale capable.

EZ Dine is committed to keeping you at the forefront of restaurant technology. With gains in speed, efficiency, and accuracy, your customers will notice the difference - and so will you.

Split Items & Checks

If your location uses table top seating, then it's sometimes necessary to Split Tickets or Items by table and seat/person. EZ Dine makes it very ez to split items amongst different patrons checks. Any tables check can then be split by percentage or item or amount easily and quickly to insure checks are correct and as the customers requested.

Another reason how EZ Dine makes common tasks as simple and quick as possible.

If your establishment features tabletop seating, you already know how complex splitting checks can be. With EZ Dine, providing separate checks to diners at a shared table is a snap. Customers get what they want, servers avoid stress, and tables turn faster. It's EZ Dine's signature efficiency at work!

Auto Print Scheduled Reports

Information truly is power and EZ Dine unleashes that power for your business with custom, automatically generated reports. While you can access up-to-the-minute data at any time, you can also print specific reports at preselected intervals. Some of the more valuable auto-reports used by our customers include:

- Best Seller reports

- Customer Sales reports

- Category sales

- Employee sales

- Sales by Date/Time Range

- Batch reports

- Timesheet Management reports

- Inventory reports

- and several more customizable reports

In order to control your business, you need to know what's going on. EZ Dine gives you that power.

Real-Time Updating

If your location requires multiple EZ Dine Point of Sale terminals, then you should know that all actions executed on the system are updated system wide across all machines. Not only tickets and orders, but price changes, menu item changes, employee clock in-out, and reports are all updated systems wide.

Most more commonly used Point of Sale systems require system reboots or software restarts to commit common changes to the platform - not so with EZ Dine. Make changes quickly and easily, and let the software take care of the rest.

It's commonly understood that the left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing. That's why locations with multiple EZ Dine point-of-sale terminals can count on up-to-the-minute consistency. If terminal A records a transaction, terminals B, C, and D will be automatically and immediately updated with that information.

At EZ Dine, we know that's not efficient, and it's not convenient for you to reboot an entire system just for the new daily item. With us, you won't wait for the information that you need.

Inventory Management

Using EZ Dine to track your inventory gives you the power to make more informed decisions and the freedom to help get you home earlier.

With just a glance, within the system or on a printed report, you can view your inventory levels. Adding inventory to the system is just as ez. You will find peace of mind without being caught off guard by lacking inventory or over ordering. Streamline your inventory management with EZ Dine.

EZ Dine understands that inventories can not only fluctuate dramatically, but can be extremely labor-intensive to manage by hand. Even worse, mistakes can have an immediate, bottom-line impact on your business and upon the perceptions of your patrons. Being caught short of stock costs you money, as does holding inventory that doesn't sell.

With EZ Dine, you can view your inventory levels at a glance at any time, either on screen or in a printed report. Adding inventory is quick and easy, and you'll save time and money. It's another win/win brought to you by EZ Dine!

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