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Fast Bar/Quick Bar Feature
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Fast Bar/Quick Bar Feature

The EZ Dine team spent time with owners of bars and clubs, researching how orders are placed differently at such locations than in other hospitality establishments. One of the features that separates a bar/club from a restaurant is that orders are sometimes placed with the intent of cashing out immediately upon ordering, opposed to starting a check.

Fast Bar/Quick Bar is a feature that allows bar tenders to, in two taps, take an order and cash it out immediately from the system. Keeping bar tabs and tables clean and tidy. The ease of this function streamlines ordering processes and impresses the customer by getting their check back to them as quickly as possible.

At EZ Dine, we understand that bars and clubs have unique needs. That's why our team has worked closely with owners to understand how best to serve this important segment of the hospitality industry.

At a bar, orders are often placed with the intent of closing the check immediately. With only two taps, EZ Dine allows your bartender to take an order and cash it out immediately from the system. By streamlining the process, patrons get their drinks and check in record time, and your bar can serve more customers per night. It's just one more way that EZ Dine innovates for our customers' profitability.

Track Beer, Liquour & Wine Inventory

Using EZ Dine to track your inventory gives you the power to make more informed decisions, and the freedom to help get you home earlier.

With just a glance, within the system or on a printed report, you can view your inventory levels. Adding inventory to the system is just as ez, you'll find peace of mind without being caught off guard by lacking inventory or over ordering. Streamline your inventory management with EZ Dine.

EZ Dine understands that beer, liquor, and wine inventories can not only fluctuate dramatically, but can be extremely labor-intensive to manage by hand. Even worse, mistakes can have an immediate, bottom-line impact on your business and upon the perceptions of your patrons. Being caught short of stock costs you money, as does holding inventory that doesn't sell.

With EZ Dine, you can view your inventory levels at a glance at any time, either on screen or in a printed report. Adding inventory is quick and easy, and you'll save time and money. It's another win/win brought to you by EZ Dine!

Tip Sharing

Whether or not it's sharing tips at the end of the night, or on an individual item - EZ Dine makes splitting times amongst servers and other staff easy. Set percentages or other criterial and let the software do the rest.

Reduce errors and keep your employee's moral high by taking one more step out of the closing process.

Equitable tip sharing makes for a happy staff...and that's why EZ Dine makes it simple for you to split gratuities among servers and other staff. Just set percentages or other sharing criteria, and let the software do the rest.

Your staff knows that they've been treated fairly - and in the high-turnover hospitality industry, that's priceless.

Repeat Item & Repeat Round

Several of EZ Dine's features are focused around making common tasks as simple as a single click. Repeat Items & Rounds is a perfect example of how to ensure checks and tabs are current and correct.

The software is built around speed and efficiency. Making your staff speedier and in turn increasing customer satisfaction.

In a bar or nightclub, serving customers quickly and correctly is key to your bottom line. Customers who are kept waiting won't stay long, and that's why EZ Dine's proprietary system ensures that items/rounds can be re-ordered with a single click.

At EZ Dine, we've taken the time to understand the specific needs of your industry - and we're ready to make our research work for you. Our philosophy? Your software should work just as hard as you do.

Search Recipes Feature

Specialty drinks and items entered into EZ Dine have the option of descriptions, recipes, and special instructions. Give your staff the confidence to make a drink or order correctly the first time, even if they have to look up the recipe.

Something worth doing well is worth doing right the first time, and our customers image to their customers is always at the forefront of our minds while designing functions and features that help your establishment.

A popular online drink database lists over 6,000 different cocktail recipes. A customer might ask for any one of these on any given night. Will your resident mixologist be ready?

EZ Dine enables you to create and easily access a custom database of drink recipes. Old standards? New proprietary mixtures? All at your bartender's fingertips.

In your business, it's essential to get it right the first time. Patrons need to know that you know what you're doing. With EZ Dine, you'll minimize waste, increase customer satisfaction, and boost staff confidence with your own personalized drink encyclopedia.

Associate Name to Checks & Tabs

Bar tending or serving requires as much attention to the individual patron as it does skillfulness at the profession. And everyone, whether its a seasoned regular or a first timer, will appreciate the little things.

Associating a patron's name to a check or tab is as ez as swiping a card. The name is pulled and kept on record within the system. Customer's frequency and regular orders can be reviewed at any time.

The first timers will be impressed by seeing their name on their check, personalizing their visit on a subtle level. No longer do checks and tabs have to be associated by bar seat or table number - but by using their name.

The bar and club environment is notoriously competitive. How to get an edge? Pay attention to the details. Patrons appreciate being called by name, seeing their name, rather than a number, on their check, and even having their favorite drink served before they order it. In what's often a frenetic environment, EZ Dine makes it simple for staff to provide a personalized experience.

With the simple swipe of a card, a patron's name can be associated with a tab or check. Even better, that patron's order history can be tracked, so that staff can be attentive to their particular needs on subsequent visits. EZ Dine helps you customize each patron's experience...and that keeps you ahead of the competition.

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