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CallerID Module

CallerID information is added to an order as soon as a call comes in. If the customer has already ordered in the past, additional information can be added to the order such as address, directions & maps, pervious orders, and loyalty/rewards.

EZ Dine keeps your customer information organized and ez to find.

With EZ Dine, Caller ID information is added to an order as soon as it's called in, so you know immediately who's on the other end of the line. And if they've called before, you can call up any or all of the details associated with their account. Address, directions & maps, order history, and loyalty/rewards are right there on the screen.

EZ Dine ensures that you respond with accuracy, customization, and speed. Customers like that.

Customer Database & Order Tracking

All orders placed in EZ Dine that are linked with specific customer information are stored in a fully customizable database. We will work with you to create an further customization that's required. This is what sets us apart from other Point of Sale providers.

We work closely with our customers to tailor build systems and functions that meet your individual needs.

In today's economy, access to information is the gateway to profit. As marketing and services become increasingly customized, knowing your customers is more important than ever before. By creating an optimized customer database, EZ Dine keeps valuable customer information at your fingertips. You decide what information you want to collect, keep, and sort, and EZ Dine will build a custom database just for you.

We all know that now, more than ever, information is power. EZ Dine puts the power in your hands.

Delay Ordering Feature

More commonly used in fine dining establishments, but applicable everywhere, sometimes there's a need to Hold an order from being sent to the kitchen. An order can be taken, and certain items can be Fired to the kitchen, while Holding other items to be Fired later.

For instance, a complete order including appetizers and entrees is taken. But only the appetizers should be Fired, and the entrees Held until later.

Improve your customer satisfaction with EZ Dine.

EZ Dine understands how important - and challenging - the proper timing of customer orders can be. Diners, after all, don't want their entree to arrive in tandem with their appetizer. That's why the capability to hold some orders and fire others directly to the kitchen is vital to any well-run restaurant. EZ Dine makes it simple for servers to control which orders need to reach the kitchen right away, and which should be held for later.

Online Ordering

The EZ Dine team works closely with many major online ordering platforms, and integrates those incoming orders into the EZ Dine platform.

Are you looking for an online ordering platform? We can help. Contact us and with the configuration of your system and our relationships with other 3rd party online ordering platforms, we can create a service that is perfect for your individual business needs. We take the guess work out of Point of Sale.

With more and more consumers turning to the keyboard instead of the phone, robust online ordering capability is essential. EZ Dine works closely with many major ordering platforms, and will integrate incoming orders into the EZ Dine platform.

Don't have online ordering capability? No problem. EZ Dine will leverage its relationships with third-party providers to create an optimal, customized platform just for you.

To succeed in today's hyper-competitive environment, employing current technology is crucial. And if customers demand it, EZ Dine makes sure that you have it.

Map Integration

With delivery orders, EZ Dine provides a Map Integration. This will allow your drivers to give more accurate delivery times and helps them plan their routes for multiple deliveries.

One of the many reasons EZ Dine is the fastest growing Point of Sale Solution in America - our dedication to our customers' needs.

With the ubiquity of GPS, "I couldn't find you" is no longer an excuse for late deliveries. Make sure that your drivers find your customers in record time with EZ Dine's integrated map system. We enable drivers to plan the most efficient routes for multiple stops, saving time and allowing for accurate delivery time estimates.

3rd Party Hardware Support

EZ Dine Point of Sale units support many pieces of 3rd party hardware. Such as : printers, scanners, label printers, scales, inventory scanners and other units.

We'll work with you and your existing hardware to integrate our system into what you already have. There is not reason to purchase new systems if your hardware is functional and meets the performance standards for EZ Dine.

Contact Us to find out if your existing hardware is able to be supported by EZ Dine, and how we can integrate our software into your business.

You've invested heavily in third-party hardware, but you want the power of EZ Dine. working for you. Do you have to start over and reinvest in new equipment? Not at all. EZ Dine will work with you to integrate the hardware that you already own into our system. As long as your existing equipment is functional and meets performance standards, there's no need to spend money on new hardware.

Just give us a call to see if your printers, scanners, label printers, scales, inventory scanners and other units will integrate seamlessly with EZ Dine technology.

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