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Reservation Module
Team Sharing Large Tables
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Custom Table Layout

A member of the EZ Dine Team or your sales consultant will work with you to create a Custom Table Layout to act as the overview for the Point of Sale terminal.

Layouts can be easily updated or changed as your business grows and changes over time.

Every dining establishment features a unique table layout and it's essential that your terminals reflect that. EZ Dine will work with you to customize a map of your restaurant. And as your business grows and changes, we'll update your terminals to reflect your success. We're proud to help our clients reach their potential - today and in the future.

Reservation Module

Do away with the traditional Reservation Notebook and move to a digital Reservation Notebook with EZ Dine.

Customer's information can be pulled from the database to add details like phone numbers in the event the patron needs to be contacted back after a reservation is placed.

With EZ Dine's digital reservation module, the paper reservation notebook is a thing of the past. Taking customer reservations with EZ Dine's system is faster, more accurate, and easier than ever before. Our system prevents the embarrassment, customer dissatisfaction, and financial loss that comes with mis-recorded reservations.

EZ Dine also makes adjustments to existing reservations simple. Need to contact a patron about a confirmation or a change? Just pull up the customer information that you need from the EZ Dine database.

Team Sharing Large Tables

For large tables that require more than one server EZ Dine makes it ez for servers and other staff to work together. Tips can then be split and shared for larger tables.

Reduce errors and keep your employee's moral high by giving them the means to collaborate quickly and easily while working with larger tables.

When a large table requires more than one server, seamless collaboration is essential to maintain order accuracy, correct billing, and equitable tip sharing. With EZ Dine, managing larger tables is simple; we help you keep customer service at the forefront and employee morale high.

Hold & Fire Orders

More commonly used in fine dining establishments, but applicable everywhere, sometimes there's a need to Hold an order from being sent to the kitchen. An order can be taken, and certain items can be Fired to the kitchen, while Holding other items to be Fired later.

For instance, a complete order including appetizers and entrees is taken but only the appetizers should be Fired, and the entrees Held until later.

Improve your customer satisfaction with EZ Dine.

EZ Dine understands how important - and challenging - the proper timing of customer orders can be. Diners, after all, don't want their entree to arrive in tandem with their appetizer. That's why the capability to hold some orders and fire others directly to the kitchen is vital to any well-run restaurant. EZ Dine makes it simple for servers to control which orders need to reach the kitchen right away, and which should be held for later.

Easy Split Items & Checks

If your location uses table top seating, then it's sometimes necessary to Split Tickets or Items by table and seat/person. EZ Dine makes it very ez to split items amongst different patrons checks. Any table's check can then be split by percentage, item, or amount easily and quickly to insure checks are correct as the customers requested.

Just another reason how EZ Dine makes common tasks as simple and quick as possible.

If your establishment features tabletop seating, you already know how complex splitting checks can be. With EZ Dine, providing separate checks to diners at a shared table is a snap. Customers get what they want, servers avoid stress, and tables turn faster. It's EZ Dine's signature efficiency at work!

Banquet Module

For Banquets, a special menu or packaged items can be created in EZ Dine with set prices that might differ from normal dining situations.

These items then act in the system as individual items would against inventory and the kitchen, but allow servers to quickly take orders from large groups and banquets.

With EZ Dine, managing Banquets is simple. Need to create a special menu, or package items with set prices that differ from your normal menu? EZ Dine classifies them so that they act as individual items against inventory and the kitchen. With EZ Dine, managing large groups and banquets is simple, keeping both customers and servers happy.

Kitchen Display System

Instead of spending money on printing order tickets to the kitchen, EZ Dine supports the use of a Kitchen Display System. The kitchen then will have an overview of all active orders.

EZ Dine supports many different sizes of displays and will work with you to customize a layout that works best for your kitchen's needs.

EZ Dine's Kitchen Display System sends orders directly to the kitchen, eliminating the need for printed tickets. Money-saving and environmentally friendly, our KDS provides your kitchen with a current overview of all active orders.

The EZ Dine system supports a range of display sizes - and we'll even work with you to customize a layout that's ideal for your needs.

Tablet P.O.S. Capabilities

Using the latest and "coolest" technologies can help your image, but also help the way your business operates. Whether your goal is to showcase your business cutting edge attitude toward new technologies and trends, or just to operate quicker, EZ Dine is there with you every step.

Employing cutting-edge technologies makes your business look good - but it can also revolutionize your operation. That's why EZ Dine is Handheld Tablet Point of Sale capable.

EZ Dine is committed to keeping you at the forefront of restaurant technology. With gains in speed, efficiency, and accuracy, your customers will notice the difference - and so will you.

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