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Track by UPC & Item Code

EZ Retail allows you to track items by their UPCs and/or their Item Codes.

In the example of clothing, you can generate and print your own unique UPCs for all your products. Those unique UPCs can then be used to identity specific details about that item, such as color or size. The Item Code can then be set to the style number that a vender assigned to a given lot of items, so it becomes easy to place reorders.

To contrast, EZ Retail will also let you use Item Codes to uniquely identity specific items and their details. Printing Item Code tags, opposed to UPCs.

With EZ Retail, you'll have the power and flexibility to generate your own UPC and Item Codes. Designate your UPC to track details like color, size, and cost, and associate Item Codes with vendor-assigned style numbers for easy re-ordering. The EZ Retail system also permits you to associate Item Codes with an array of product details so that Item Code tags, rather than UPCs, can be generated.

EZ Retail gives you the flexibility to decide how you want to manage your sales and inventory. It's just another way that our customized, affordable systems work hard for your business.

Track Item Details

Items can be given additional details. Most commonly size, color, brand, department, discount eligibility and many others. These details can be used by EZ Retail to show current inventory levels, generate reports on most popular items, show sales reports on items by a specific detail.

This sort of flexibility is one of the many ways EZ Retail offers functionality that just makes sense.

With EZ Retail, tracking inventory is simple; you'll always know what you have, where it is, and when it's time to reorder. EZ Retail gives you the flexibility to generate reports focused specifically upon the information that you want to know. Size, color, brand, department, and discount eligibility are just a few of the details that you can track and analyze.

EZ Retail gives you the power to understand what your customers want. And when your inventory is tailored to meet customer demand, you'll see a difference in your bottom line.

Apply/Split Commisions

Items entered into EZ Retail can be flagged with eligibility for Commissions.

When employees are added as well, their commission schedules can be set, based on different specific categories or departments of items. At the end of a shift or end of pay period, a report can be generated to show the commissions due to employees.

In the event that a commission needs to be split on a particular sale, EZ Retail makes that simple for employees to share that sale or item's commission. It is also just as simple for a Manager to split sales or item's commissions amongst multiple employees after the sale as been committed.

Motivating your salespeople with commission incentives keeps your business growing...but keeping track of those incentives can be complex and prone to error. EZ Retail easily tracks commission schedules for specific categories or items; at the end of any shift or pay period, a report showing all commission earnings can be generated. Need to split commissions among employees? EZ Retail makes it a snap to share credit.

A motivated salesforce needs to know that they're being properly recognized and credited. EZ Retail ensures that commissions are distributed equitably and on time.

Item/Department Sale Controls

With EZ Retail assigning a Sale on a Department is simple. Sales can then be given start and expiration date and times, so once set you can enjoy not having the hassle of ending as sale.

Adding Sales to Specific Items is just as ez too and allows for the same start and expiration date times.

EZ Retail is built around peace of mind.

Nothing makes customers happier than a sale - and EZ Retail makes holding sales hassle-free. Just choose the items or departments that you'd like to include in a promotion, determine the start and ending dates, and the system does the rest.

Sell more, and sell happy - that's the EZ Retail advantage.

Customer Care Center

Giving you the tools to organize and attend to Customer Care and Satisfaction is at the core of EZ Retail. With the Customer Care Center you'll be able to associate customer's information with a particular sale, track their purchase history, manage returns, and issue discounts if necessary.

The Customer Care Center can also be used to create a gift registry. From which, other customers can make purchases and those items will be marked in the registry.

Notes and correspondences can be saved in the Center as well. With EZ Retail every employee will be kept up-to-date on all matters of Customer Care.

A customer who enjoys a great experience at your store will be back - and they'll tell their friends. Customer care is at the core of customer satisfaction and retention - and EZ Retail gives your employees the power to make customers happy.

Managing returns and exchanges, issuing discounts, and tracking purchase history is simple with EZ Retail. Want to make a note about a particular customer's preferences? Just enter it in the system, and they'll enjoy great customer service regardless of who's working on a given day.

Want to make gift registries available to your customers? Our system makes it simple to track purchases for brides, birthdays, babies, or any celebration.

Knowing your customers matters more now than ever. Customize and streamline their experience with the power of EZ Retail.

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