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Generate & Print Barcodes
Weighted Items Inventory
Lot Matrix System
PLU Item Integration
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Generate & Print Barcodes

Once items are added to EZ Retail's inventory, Barcodes can be generated and printed. You'll be able to choose from multiple different types of codes, such as customized UPC codes, PLU codes (for weighted items), or Item codes.

Your chosen codes will then be generated and added to those items, after which you can choose and customize the layout and size of the code labels for printing.

While time in the office is important, EZ Retail will minimize and automate many time consuming processes.

Everything that you sell needs a barcode - and EZ Retail gives you the flexibility to generate and print multiple code types, including customized UPC codes, PLU codes (for weighted items), and item codes. Just add an item to the system, assign the appropriate code type, and generate and print labels customized to the size and layout that you prefer.

With EZ Retail, barcodes are issued correctly, quickly, and with maximum efficiency.

Weighted Items Inventory

With EZ Retail check out with Weighted Items is simple. Add products with costs that are determined by weight to the system and print customizable PLU codes that, at checkout, will then calculate the correct price. Inventory Sales Reports will reflect weight of sales along side the costs.

Keeping track of your Weighted Inventory has never been easier.

Managing weighted inventory can be tricky, but EZ Retail makes it simple. Just add weight-dependent products to the system, print customizable PLU codes, and the correct price is calculated at checkout. Inventory Sales Reports reflect weight of sales along side the costs.

With EZ Retail's customized tools, selling and managing weighted inventory has never been simpler.

Lot Matrix System

A Lot Matrix System is one of the more complex features of EZ Retail.

Sometimes, items might be sold individually or in boxes, cases, or cartons. But they might be purchased as a crate of several cases. EZ Retail uses the Lot Matrix to track inventory and price point breaks of these different items.

Cigarettes may be sold as packs and cartons. A crate of cigarettes may contain 12 cartons of cigarettes, and each carton of may contain 12 packs. In EZ Retail, you can set the price points of each pack differently from each carton, and the Inventory will be correctly updated based on sales of such cartons and packs.

EZ Retail makes keeping track of overall inventory, and the break downs of that inventory, simple and painless.

EZ Retail makes it simple to handle even the most complex inventory needs. Our Lot Matrix feature enables accurate tracking of items sold in cases, boxes, or cartons. Cigarettes, for example, arrive as packs within cartons within cases, which can make tracking individual sales and inventory difficult. But EZ Retail, gives you the flexibility to set the price point of each pack differently from each carton, so that inventory is correctly and automatically updated based on sales of cartons as well as individual packs. Even the most demanding inventory management is a snap with EZ Retail. Talk to us about how our customized technology can make your business run more efficiently.

PLU Item Integration

For items that already have PLU codes designated to them, EZ Retail will allow for those codes to be used. Making integration of already existing PLU codes simple and easy.

Do you sell items that already have an assigned PLU code? While EZ Retail has the capability to generate original PLU codes, it also integrates pre-existing codes easily into the system. It's just another way that EZ Retail is committed to meeting the specific needs of your business.

OneClick Open Items

OneClick Open Items is EZ Retail's way of catching all items that may have not been entered to the system yet. If at checkout an item is not found to have been entered, the employee can one click add the item to the Open Items category to be designated to an Inventory Lot at a later time.

Keep your lines moving, your inventory correct, and your customers content with EZ Retail's One Click Open Items feature. If an undesignated item is scanned at checkout, the clerk can enter it into the open items category to be designated to an inventory lot later. With one click, the problem is solved - because, at EZ Retail, we believe that easier is better.

Complete Payment Terminal

EZ Retail accepts all forms of payment possible. Including Cash, Credit / Debit Cards, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Checks, and EBT (food stamps).

Sales can be broken down in reports by payment type, giving you an overview of how your customer's are actually making purchases. All payment types are standard with EZ Retail.

EZ Retail accommodates all forms of payment: cash, credit and debit cards, checks, gift and loyalty cards, and EBT (food stamps). And because knowing how your customers pay can help you to customize their shopping experience, EZ Retail can generate reports by payment type. All forms of payment are standard with EZ Retail.

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