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Track Payouts to Vendors
Track Sales Deposits
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Track Payouts to Vendors

Keeping track of all Payouts to Vendors is a very useful automated function of EZ Retail.

Simply by choosing the Vendor from the Payout section of EZ Retail, reports can then be generated to keep track of purchase orders and inventory levels, making your book keeping nice and tidy.

With EZ Retail, you'll always have access to up-to-the minute vendor reports. At a glance, you'll know what you've paid and when, while tracking purchase orders and inventory levels quickly and easily. Effortless, accurate records make bookkeeping simple - and give you control of your business.

Track Sales Deposits

Periodically, for store and employee safety, it may be necessary to move cash from the register to a safe. EZ Retail offers a simple way to note a Sales Deposit, where it be after the register has reached a certain predetermined amount, or as a normal end of shift operation. Employees can easily enter the amount to be dropped in the sale, and the cash drawer will be updated with the less amount.

With EZ Retail, you'll maximize store safety while managing your cash with total accuracy. You simply decide how much cash you want to leave in the drawer, and when that level is reached, EZ Retailautomatically indicates that it's time to make a transfer to the safe. You can also choose end-of-shift or end-of-day as the standard transfer time. Whenever a transfer occurs, employees simply enter the amount, and it's automatically deducted from the drawer total. Safe levels of cash are maintained on hand, and you know exactly where your cash is at all times.

Age Verification

Keep track of age restricted or other flagged products with EZ Retail by flagging them for Age Verification.

Items at checkout, that have been flagged will prompt employees to check ID and enter the birth date of the customer. Once the age has been verified and approved, items with flags will be allowed for purchase. Reduce error and keep in good standings with local and federal law.

With strict state, local, and federal laws governing the sale of age-restricted products like alcohol and tobacco, unwittingly selling to a minor can be costly and embarrassing. EZ Retail's accurate and reliable age-verification capability ensures that you'll always be compliant with those laws. With EZ Retail, items flagged for verification can only be purchased through the entry of a valid birthdate at checkout. We take the guesswork out of managing age-restricted products, and give you the assurance that all your sales are appropriate and legal.

Lot Matrix System

A Lot Matrix System is one of the more complex features of EZ Retail to fully understand.

Sometimes, items might be sold individually or in boxes, cases, or cartons. But they might be purchased as a crate of several cases. EZ Retail uses the Lot Matrix to track inventory and price point breaks of these different items.

Cigarettes may be sold as packs and cartons. A crate of cigarettes may contain 12 cartons of cigarettes, and each carton of may contain 12 packs. In EZ Retail, you can set the price points of each pack differently from each carton, and the Inventory will be correctly updated based on sales of such cartons and packs.

EZ Retail makes keeping track of overall inventory, and the break downs of that inventory, simple and painless.

EZ Retail makes it simple to handle even the most complex inventory needs. Our Lot Matrix feature enables accurate tracking of items sold in cases, boxes, or cartons. Cigarettes, for example, arrive as packs within cartons within cases, which can make tracking individual sales and inventory difficult. But EZ Retail, gives you the flexibility to set the price point of each pack differently from each carton, so that inventory is correctly and automatically updated based on sales of cartons as well as individual packs. Even the most demanding inventory management is a snap with EZ Retail. Talk to us about how our customized technology can make your business run more efficiently.


In the case that a purchase cannot be completed at checkout, EZ Retail can mark an order is Suspended. A Recall Receipt is printed with a designated code that can be used to place all items on a Suspended order back into checkout.

Helpful for when a customer has to run to their car to grab their forgotten wallet, if a register needs to be used for another transaction. Another way EZ Retail helps improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

A distracted customer, forgotten item, or missing wallet can bring transactions to a grinding halt at checkout. Don't want to waste time and resources re-scanning an entire order? EZ Retail's Suspend/Recall feature generates a receipt code that makes it simple for an order to be checked out later without rescanning items.

Keeping checkout lines moving and customers happy is your goal - and it's ours, too.

Complete Payment Terminal

EZ Retail accepts all forms of payment possible. Including Cash, Credit / Debit Cards, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Checks, and EBT (food stamps).

Sales can be broken down in reports by payment type, giving you an overview of how your customer's are actually making purchases. All payment types are standard with EZ Retail.

EZ Retail accommodates all forms of payment: cash, credit and debit cards, gift and loyalty cards, and personal checks. And because knowing how your customers pay can help you to customize their shopping experience, EZ Retail can generate reports by payment type. All forms of payment are standard with EZ Retail.

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