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Other Industries We Serve
Customer Database & Order Tracking
Custom Report Generating
3rd Party Hardware

Other Industries We Serve

EZ Retail can be used to manage all types of stores. You can enjoy a custom software package designed specifically for your business needs.

EZ Retail provides you with all the features needed to effectively run your business at affordable price. We work closely with our partners creating products that are truly user friendly and continually re-invest in our products so you stay competitive.

Customer Database & Order Tracking

EZ Retail makes it simple for you to keep track of your customers and their purchase histories. Improve the personalization of a customer's experience by using their information whenever necessary.

The Customer Database and Order Tracking is a fundamental part of Loyalty Programs which can offer discounts and rewards for customers based on their purchase history.

Reports can also be generated against this database, showing top customers, and is also responsible for all order tracking. EZ Retail was designed and developed to help you with your customer relationships.

In today's economy, access to information is the gateway to profit. As marketing and services become increasingly customized, knowing your customers is more important than ever before. By creating an optimized customer database, EZ Retail keeps valuable customer information at your fingertips. You decide what information you want to collect, keep, and sort, and EZ Retail will build a custom database just for you.

EZ Retail gives you immediate access to individual customers' purchase histories, and facilitates loyalty programs that keep customers coming back. Want to know who your top customers are, and what they buy? EZ Retail's customized reports put that information at your fingertips.

We all know that now, more than ever, information is power. EZ Retail puts the power in your hands.

Custom Report Generating

Information truly is power. And EZ Retail unleashes that power for your business with custom, automatically generated reports. While you can access up-to-the-minute data at any time, you can also print specific reports at preselected intervals. Some of the more valuable autoreports used by our customers include:

- Best Seller reports

- Customer Sales reports

- Department sales

- Employee sales

- Sales by Date/Time Range

- Batch reports

- Commission reports

- Timesheet Management reports

- Inventory reports

- and several more customizable reports

In order to control your business, you need to know what's going on. EZ Retail gives you that power.

3rd Party Hardware

EZ Retail Point of Sale units support many pieces of 3rd party hardware. Such as : printers, scanners, label printers, scales, inventory scanners and other units.

We'll work with you and your existing hardware to integrate our system into what you already have. There is not reason to purchase new systems if your hardware is functional and meets the performance standards for EZ Retail.

Contact Us to find out if your existing hardware is able to be supported by EZ Retail, and how we can integrate our software into your business.

You've invested heavily in third-party hardware, but you want the power of EZ Retail working for you. Do you have to start over and reinvest in new equipment? Not at all. EZ Retail will work with you to integrate the hardware that you already own into our system. As long as your existing equipment is functional and meets performance standards, there's no need to spend money on new hardware.

Just give us a call to see if your printers, scanners, label printers, scales, inventory scanners and other units will integrate seamlessly with EZ Retail's technology.

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The QuickBooks direct connection and Enterprise Suite of EZ Retail really help us streamline our business and easily manage multiple locations

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Managing multiple locations with EZ Retail is easy! The Enterprise Suite, and integrated gift cards for all of our locations makes this possible. We are very happy with the service and response time for any support or help we need

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